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Why did this all start for me?

By August 25, 2014Uncategorized

The backstory
Approximately 3 years this past September I attended a conference, that completely changed my life.

The people, the workshops and the inspiration were things I did not expect.

They were all these amazing people younger than me doing all these extraordinary things from life coaching to social media projects to  building dare-to-be-great careers.

I begin to look inward and wonder what am I doing? Am I on the right path? Clearly I was floating. I began to tinker with ideas and platforms, read books about finding yourself, read blogposts and learn more, understand where I am in my career and if that’s the right place and take classes with life and career coaches.

This was the beginning of something very scary and orthodox to most of my friends. I was navigating a path that I had only a small amount of friends to lean on.

To be continued…


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