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Anthony Zepeda

“I nerd out about digital marketing and analytics.”

Marketing Activation
Marketing Technical Strategy
Lead Generation
Email marketing
Data Analysis & Optimization (Enjoy synthesizing data for new opportunities for growth)
Digital advertising (paid search & paid social)
Event Marketing
Tradeshow Management and Event Planning

Long-term goal:
Gain the leadership, collaboration and management skills to become a Marketing Director within 5 years.

The knowledge and experience to develop your marketing campaigns.

Given my experiences at Adobe, Comcast and American Medical Association, I can provide advisory services to maximize your campaigns, improe your process and delight your clients. Watch this short video below to see how I can perform this duties.

I nerd out about analytics and marketing attribution.

I enjoy connecting the dots between the conversion of an organization's marketing campaign. Although, I can report on what successes are in your CRM, I can also show you how we can attribute those initiatives to a sales team closed opportunities. And there's more!

Continually grow your pipeline

Understanding how an organization's sales pipeline work is no easy task. Furthermore, how we will procure new leads while retaining the old ones makes the job even harder? Also, are we scoring prospective correctly to keep the sales team moving in the right direction? Do we have enough content to accelerate leads down the funnel? To find out this and more watch this short video!

Marketing will change, therefore you have to grow.

In the past year, I have taken the time to better understand Marketo engagement programs, Adobe Workfront, Splash and Microsoft Dynamics, currently studying Spanish to expand my reach to Latin America. Also, I am looking forward to learn new areas like Generative AI for email. Keep learning!