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Design it yourself

designer picThe initial thought of rebuilding a brochure can be a difficult task. If you break it down into workable pieces you can quickly move through it. Here’s my initial process using the 3R’s – Review, Review, Review!

Review Design

Look through current elements of the brochure design and ask these questions.
Questions to ask:
What are the good elements of this brochure?
Could range from almost everything to almost nothing. Common downfalls – lack of specific look.

Is the current design using best practices?
Sometimes a client doesn’t even know they are guidelines they should follow. It’s your role to empower them with design structure.

Is there anything that should be removed?
Ranging from design or sloppy content

What should be keep:
Is there anything you feel would be great to continue using?
The keepers – content layout, graphics, headlines, taglines, etc. or nothing

Review content structure

Content is more than just words on paper. It’s an organization of words, ideas or information for users to comprehend quickly.

Questions to ask:
Is there a flow to what’s going on?
Do you feel they are boxes of info?
Can a user digest each piece of content?

Asking these questions should better prepare you for intelligent content design. This will add more than you can imagine to the graphic design of a brochure.

Review subject matter of the brochure

  • What is the subject matter suppose to be? (Is the original brochure already making the right points?) Sometimes it does. Sometimes you will find out that client has gone through so many edits that they have lost the message of their product or service. If there isn’t one there, identify it.
  • What is the selling point? (what brings client closer to cash)

Doing the prep work and using the 3R’s will help immensely in the 2nd part of the design process. You will have full understanding of your deliverables for the client or boss AND set yourself up for big success!

Thanks for reading,

Want more?
Want to get into the heart of the design of the brochure. New post coming soon!

See Anthony’s design for NRTT’s brochure.


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