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Skills need for an Interview and a Wonderful NYE gift

By January 9, 2013JobHunt Lifestyle

On December 31st thinking about the end of the year the phone rang!!!

Hark! Who could the call be from?! A recruiter!!!

What?! They want to offer me a job. Possibilities!!??!! It was great boost of confidence to feel wanted.

Today, I went to meet with the recruiters and this was very similar to an interview. Below is what I learned

1. Review your Resume-Know Yourself. While Yes you are the person of this resume, review what you did and what separates you from others. If we don’t practice we will never be able to articulate what work we did.

2. Show Personality-When I ask for tips on interview skills I need to work on: The response was to NOT to be so serious and to show a little more of who I am through my words. Sometimes when we are nervous we are so caught up in the words. What will help See #1 and show a little humor and grace.

3. Build a cue card with information about yourself to go over that you feel weak on and possible questions you may want to ask the recruiter.

There you have it, I believe with these 3 skills your experience with a recruiter will make the meeting a little easier.  Any other suggestions? Please feel free to comment!

Thank you for your reading

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