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Lead Nurturing

By December 1, 2014August 18th, 2015Marketing Blog

When working in a small or mid-size B2B, the inside sales team is counting on marketing to advise them on how to convert warm or cold leads. There are few ways to do so that are FREE or cost little $$$. It will also make you look like a rockstar!

Here’s a few lead nurturing tips:

1. Social media

LinkedIn-Logo-2CFor B2B’s LinkedIn can be a huge asset. Your prospects are likely scanning their LinkedIn everyday so why not put more of your information in front of them.

In LinkedIn, you can build a company page post articles that you find pertinent to your prospects, information about your company and sales advertisements. (Twitter can help too for SEO/SEM but we will get into that on another post. )

2. Email Marketing Email-Marekting

Give your leads information that they want. Articles, stories, white papers, case studies. Afterwards analyze your data through your email marketing platform (I use MailChimp-also FREE). Sales has complied a list of email addresses of leads that they are not regularly in contact with. Make those the target.

See what content resonates and go from there. When you see clients open multiple pieces of content, give them a call and see if you can provide any other assistance.

3. Email trackingemail tracking

Strictly for your inside sales team. If sales is not using Salesforce or a marketing automation platform, it is vital to have an email tracking service in place. I recommend Sidekick (by Hubspot) which gives you tracking for FREE for upwards of 200 emails a month, they also have a paid service too. Much cheaper than the $800 price tag that most software companies out there charge.

If you use this lead nurturing tips I’m sure you will be able to keep in front of the cold or warm leads and convert them into a sale.

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