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Content Development for Articles pt. 2

By January 22, 2015August 18th, 2015Marketing Blog

The Writing is Over…now what?

Article-writingYou’ve worked with your team, subject matter experts, possibly executive members to make this great story idea into a reality.

Now what are you going to do with?

What was the whole point of this piece?

To get publicized!!! Get noticed, persuade other prospects and clients that you are a credible source in your respected industry.

Here’s a few tips on how on getting published (PR 101)

  1. Ready To Get PublishedUnderstand that it takes time to build relationship. Just like your significant other, it didn’t happen overnight.
  2. Don’t ask if journalists if they can publish your article. Start it off slowly. Ask to bounce an idea or storyline off of them. Chances are they will know if it is newsworthy.
  3. Ask for a critical review, writers have valuable information to make your article outstanding. Let them do their job.
  4. Finally, do the revisions. You have the critical review, make the changes and be successful. Let them decide if they want to publish or place it within a blog. You’ll be surprise how easy it is.

Promote it

Hand holding a megaphone promotion social media icons. Concept cAfter all is said and done, make sure to promote the final product.

  • Email marketing,
  • And posts referencing published article on your company’s social media platforms.
  • Banner ads on your website
  • You can even connect all of these links. To gain more visibility on a blog or following on a social media platform (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Keep in mind, you have a put a lot of hard work into this article, now take the steps to get it published and amplify the awareness that you have created.

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