Anthony Zepeda

“I am a digital marketer and nerd out about analytics.”

I help activate omnichannel marketing initiatives while building demand generation for organization’s sales pipeline.

► I nerd out about analytics and I’m continuing to grow. I enjoy connecting the dots between the conversion of a campaign, what successes we can report, and how we can attribute those initiatives to a sales team closed opportunities.

Marketing will change, therefore you have to grow. In the past year I have taken the time to better understand Google AdWords, experimented with video marketing as a sales and marketing tactic, and I’m currently learning how to use SQL. You must always build add new skills. During my last contract, I on-boarded myself onto 5 new platforms – Sigstr, EventGeek, BrightFunnel, Basecamp, and

Strategy & Activation
Email marketing
Data Analysis & Optimization (Enjoy synthesizing data for new opportunities for growth)
Digital advertising (search & social)
Event Marketing
Tradeshow Management and Event Planning
Copywriting and editing

Long-term goal:
Gain the leadership and marketing skill sets to become a Chief Marketing Officer in 5-10 years.

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

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